Seshaas School



The first batch of our school passed out Class XII in the academic year 2015 -16. As the years rolled by, the number of Alumni also got increased. The life in Seshaas was a source of inspiration for all of them and they would chew the cud of their glorious past associated with their Schooling in Seshaas.


They would frequently drop by the school to reminisce their beautiful moments in their Almamater. At this juncture, the need for a platform for making the Alumni keep in touch with the school has become very essential. Thus, the Alumni association with the title ‘Alamarathadi’ was formed.

All the Alumni responded to the initiative of the school very positively. Despite being in different walks of the society, the Alumni find time to participate in major events of the school. They extend their support to the school as resource people in Student Enrichment Programs and ATL Training Sessions.


Alumni Association ‘Alamarathadi’ is very active and they act as the real ambassadors of Seshaas.


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